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Doggie Dance strives to cater to your furry friends' needs with a range of offerings including dog walking, dog daycare, and boarding for dogs and small pets. We'll give your pet top-notch care and attention while in our experienced hands.

Off-Leash Dog Walks

Let us help you by getting your pup out of the house and out for some social fun! 


We'll pick up your dog, joining a group of other social and friendly dogs, and spend an hour engaging in playful and social interactions. Your pup will have fun chasing, fetching, and, if we're close to the bay, enjoying some swimming time.


Your dog will be out of the house with the pack for about 2-3 hours.

Starting at $40 per walk


Need your doggie out of the house for more than just a few hours? We've got you covered with our in-home doggie daycare. 


Daycare operates from 9:00am-5:30pm with the option for you to drop off your pup at our house in the morning, or we'll pick up your pup as scheduled for their regular walk at the regular time. After our trip to the park, we'll return to our home and your pup will enjoy the rest of the day until you come to pick them up.

Starting at $50 per day

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Overnight Dog Boarding

Looking for a safe, responsible, and reliable place for your doggie to board? We provide home away from home boarding for your pet with peace of mind so you can travel knowing your beloved pet is in loving and experienced hands. 

We'll take care of your pup while they have fun socializing. We can also help with special diets, and administering medication.

Starting at $70 per 24 hr period for adult dogs*


*Holiday rates apply

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Overnight Small Animal Boarding

Welcome to our Bunny B&B! We can provide a comfortable, enriched environment for your rabbit, guinea pig, or rat while you are away.

Starting at $35 per 24 hour period / $70 for a bonded pair

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