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Bunny B&B

East Bay rabbit boarding. We also care for guinea pigs, rats, and other small animals. We serve the Bay Area at our home in San Leandro.

Bunny boarding

Our bunny B&B is a very special place. Every bunny that comes into our B&B is treated with the same amount of affection and attention that comes from 20+ years of being bunny moms ourselves. We even grow a garden to provide fresh greens and herbs to your bun!

What to expect

Your bunny will stay in a 4x4 pen (or larger if no other bunnies are in the space), enjoy fresh salad twice a day, a fresh mix of Timothy and Orchard hay, boxes and tunnels and toys, and healthy treats. We ask that you bring their litter and litter box, and pellets. 


Bunnies are safely away from the dogs in our home, in their own B&B suite. 

Boarding rates

Starting at $35 per 24 hour period / $70 for a bonded pair

We require a deposit to hold the spot, which becomes non-refundable 7 days prior to the scheduled boarding start date. 


Small & exotic animal boarding

We also care for guinea pigs, rats, and other small animals.


We’ve rescued 6 guinea pigs over the years, and currently share our living room with our guinea pig Pumpkin. We miss Khaleesi, our 10-year-old rescue bunny, who recently passed and also lived in our living room next to her guinea pig sisters. 


We also miss having pet rats as they are brilliant and affectionate animals that we hold dear to our hearts. 


We would love to care for your small animal(s). Understanding exotic pets is something we pride ourselves on.

Boarding rates

Pricing varies, get in touch for a custom quote.

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